Kids, you’re getting a new teacher!

In exactly 3 weeks from today, my kindergarten class will no longer have Miss ‘R’ as their teacher. I’ll look the same and act the same, but I will have a new last name.. Mrs. Khadka… or Mrs. ‘K’ whatever is easier for them 🙂 I think it finally hit me today when the front office handed me my new key necklace with my ‘name’ stitched in it.

A rush of excitement/nervousness/happiness/unbelief/surprise came over me (if you are married, you know exactly what I’m talking about). It’s the moment when you realize you’re name is about to change and your life is about to be shared completely with someone else. Not to mention the fact that I am literally flying to the other side of the world to make this all happen! It’s overwhelming sometimes, but I know every preparation, every moment of stress or nervousness will be worth it on October 8th when I marry the man that I know God intended me to marry. I couldn’t ask for anyone better! God has been faithful in providing everything we need for our wedding, and trust me, it has not been easy, but He’s been with us every moment. I just can’t believe my suitcases are packed and I’m ….. 95% ready to go 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and happy for us because we are OVER JOYED! We can’t wait to see each other in 2 weeks, and we can’t wait to meet each other’s families and friends! 

We will have our donation site up for a few more days the link is below… thanks to all who have graciously supported, it means the world to us! We love you! 

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2 Months!!

Hi everyone! We are getting so excited that the wedding is about 2 months away! I knew time would go by quickly. I am so excited that my parents, my sister Rachel, and my second family, the Davis family will all be there in October! I feel so blessed that God provided a way for them to be there!

If you are planning on attending the wedding in October (I’m so excited that some of our friends from Malaysia can make it also!) Here is the church address. The wedding will begin at 11am.


 Also, our online donation site is up and running, and we are so thankful to those of you who have helped us get closer to our goal! Please continue to pray for us as our big day draws closer! We still have a lot to do but we know we are going to get there! 

Donation Site :


New Donation Site up!

Hi everyone! I set up an online donation account for Buddhi and I 🙂 We figured since everyone is online these days it would be easier for everyone… also, we are only asking for donations that we can put towards our travel and visa expenses. Thanks so much everyone!

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Wedding update!…

Wedding update! Our official wedding date is October 8, 2012. The wedding will be at Nepal Bible Church in Lalitpur, Kathmand, Nepal. Buddhi has been working hard planning (which I am so thankful for!) The week before the wedding we (as in my friends/family that are coming from the US) will be doing some fun stuff around the city and also taking a trip up to the mountains where we can see a nice view of the Himalaya’s including Mt Everest! I am currently working on invitations.. trying to figure out how to get all of the information needed in some way that makes sense! Hopefully they will be out by the end of this month! This is the official online ‘save the date!’ God bless!


“Children” Video

I know many of you have seen this video but I wanted to share it again. I made this at the end of my mission trip as a tribute to all of the children I met around the world… it still makes me cry when I see it, thinking about all of these little angels…  enjoy and please share! 🙂 God bless!


Students in Nepal

Video Natasha made in June 2011 while teaching English and Bible School in Nijgadh, Nepal. She fell in love with the Nepali children and had a wonderful month in this beautiful village in Southern Nepal.


Welcome to our new blog! We are excited to share our story and our journey with everyone. God has worked in huge ways over the past year to get us to where we are today, and this is only the beginning. Through this blog, we will share our story and our future plans, and take you along for the ride! Thanks for reading, I hope this site will encourage you and most of all inspire you to trust the Lord with the plans for your life!Image