Our Ministry

   “Truly I tell you,” Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God  will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life.” Like 18:29-30

We know that following the call of the Lord means we will have to ‘leave behind’ many of the things in life that we love or that we are used to. Here is a quick summary of our ministry, present and future. We will continue to post updates on where God is leading us. Thank you for your love and support…

Buddhi has lived in Malaysia for years serving the Nepali people and church there. He has left behind friends and family in Nepal to answer the call of the Lord faithfully. He has played a significant role in the lives of countless people in Malaysia as a church leader. He also invests his time in fighting the many injustices the Nepali people face in Malaysia. He has a heart  and passion for his people as well as children. After the wedding, Buddhi plans on moving to the US for a year with Natasha as they work together to pay off her student loans so they can start ministry together debt free. Upon his return to Nepal in 2014, Buddhi plans on teaching at his church’s Training Center called Shepherd’s Institute.  He will be fully involved with the Children’s Home that he and Natasha are planning on running through Tiny Hands International. Buddhi is also interested in helping migrant workers from Nepal find jobs in foreign countries so they are not taken advantage of. Buddhi is excited to be going back to his country to minister to his people, but he will miss all of the friends and ministry partners he made during his time in Malaysia.

 Natasha left the US for almost a year to travel the world sharing God’s love with hundreds. Starting ministry in Nepal will mean that she will make a permanent move to the other side of the world to serve the people God has called her to. It has never been easy to be far away from home, but to her, it is worth it. She  knows that she and Buddhi can have a huge impact on the people of Nepal, and knows this is where God wants her to serve His people. Natasha has been a teacher for years and also served in the children’s ministry at her church The Summit Church. Although she loves teaching , God laid a passion on her heart for children who are parent-less, abandoned, living on the street and victims of human trafficking while she was on her year long mission trip. She soon realized that God was calling her to be a mother to the children of the world who don’t have one. (To visit her World Race Blog, please click here). She discovered Tiny Hands through a conference she went to shortly after her mission trip. She was accepted into the organization as staff and plans on doing her training in October when she is there for her wedding. She is more than excited to have the opportunity to love and care for the children of Nepal.

Natasha and Buddhi are excited to start ministry in Nepal, but know that it will take some time. We will use this blog to keep our friends and family updated on our ministry. As for immediate plans, Buddhi is moving back to Nepal in May and we will be planning the wedding and saving money until October. Once Natasha has finished her training, we will start raising support and awareness for our children’s home!


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